English learning with children aged 1-6 years

Courses With Tips for How to Achieve:

  • Joy and happiness from meaningful learning
  • Fluency in daily life situations
  • Self-confidence for both children and adults as their guides


The Prepared Environment

With a few key yet simple adjustments, a very effective environment can be created for young children that enable them to acquire English naturally and easily. Children’s absorbent minds can also be encouraged by non-native speakers either at home or in group courses.

Movement and Learning

Movement and cognition are closely entwined and can enhance thinking and learning.  Let's support a positive and confident approach to life-long learning! When it comes to using interactive songs in our classes, children find great happiness with Super Simple Songs.

Practical Life Activities

Learning in meaningful contexts is often a deeper and richer experience than learning in abstract contexts and can encourage greater confidence when using English in daily life.

Sensorial Activities

Early learning is closely tied to movement, sensory stimulation, and repeating activities according to the child's interests. In our activities, we give children as many opportunities for hands-on learning as possible.

Following Child's Interests

English with kids should be much more than simply learning a language. For example, exploring a rainbow in a glass can be an interesting experiment. It helps them to learn about colors, numbers, and the materials you are using.

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