It has never been easier

Why do I have a feeling that a new era in language learning for young children is coming?

New technologies and services bring the experience of meeting and singing with native speakers to our homes.  Like never before, there are loads of quality video content for children. And it’s free!

Songs are especially appealing to young children! With just a little guidance, children can learn very naturally and easily. Look at these videos.


When there is joy, learning comes by itself.  Combining songs and activities can make learning quite intuitive, easy, and fun!

And more than that has changed. Every day I witness the new phenomenon of self-confident adults (parents and caretakers) offering their support with the first steps in English as a second language. It is wonderful to witness the outstanding results!

Also, it appears that more than ever, we are recognizing the great talent little children actually have for languages. As non-native speakers with basic knowledge, we can do so much for our children with a little courage and trust in our abilities. Look here for more inspiration.

Daily contact offers more than regular courses ever can. It inspires meaningful learning with all the senses!

If you have experienced Super Simple Songs and you share our same passion for them, you might want to check out their new website. They are now also offering many Christmas songs!