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Untitled“ What makes parents such intuitive language experts?”

I have explored some key elements that, when applied to a second language, work great as well.

Introducing English to children in a natural way

I want to feel comfortable, be more of a guide than a teacher. We follow what children love esp. songs, playing games together, videos – so they mention English almost every day by themselves.

Super Simple Songs for young learners

The best resources I have found at Super Simple Songs. The lyrics are easy to understand and full of useful language that we enjoy using throughout the day.

English books for beginners

NO textbook can be as interesting for little child as lift-the-flap books or books with beautiful pictures of animals or other babies. Frequency of listening to the new language is what matters the most.

Montessori inspiration for learning English

“Early learning is closely tied to movement and sensory stimulation and to repeating activities according to the child’s interests.”


I agree with M. Montessori that little children have an amazing ability for figuring out new languages when having “the prepared environment”.

English with all senses and hands on

For small children the language is not the priority, it is the tool to be used when learning about the world and having fun. I am sharing inspiration and tips for games, discoveries and creative activities.

Follow child’s interests and have fun

English with kids can be much more than just learning language. In the picture we have prepared the rainbow in the glass - learned the colors, numbers and names of the things we have used (sugar, water, glass, teaspoon etc.)