Why To Start Learning English Early

“It has been like a miracle to watch my daughters acquire English so easily. Thank you for all the wonderful surprises. It is amazing to witness your progress.”

Parents ARE NATURAL IN LANGUAGEs, effortlessly  give the language to their children. I experienced that sharing my English (for me a foreign language) could be similar. I believe it can be a life changing gift and as I have experienced it’s something special to witness.

  • Little children can get familiar with the languages in the way no average school can provide. No trouble to speak, no awkwardness and positive approach. 
  • If the  language comes with the things kids love, they acquire it naturally, experience fun  and learn.
  • English promoted curiosity and understanding the world (worlds diversity, differences in languages, nations,… songs on radio, foreign words, interest in other languages).
  • Research studies show how learning languages early increases brain capacity.

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I can compare starting singing English songs with older daughter in 2,5 years and with the younger around 1 y. I know it is no statistics but the difference is evident. The sooner the start the more natural and accepted the language is. Older daughter  (now 6y)  prefers DVDs in our Czech language when possible, younger doesn’t have language preference both are as she says “the language we speak with mom”.