Teaching English at Home

Most of us are not professionals at sports but we still teach our kids to ride a bike or to swim.

Why? Maybe:

  • we have the feeling our kids might find it useful in the future
  • or it develops their overall abilities
  • or because we just want to spend quality time together.

With languages, it is just the same!

English with kids teach at home

I believe it is worth passing on your knowledge of a second language even if it should be just a basic level.

The reasons are the same and it can be quite easy for us parents. And beneficial too (consider the conversation opportunities 🙂

I was worried a bit at the beginning but the journey feels so natural and the outcomes are so amassing!

Having fun with songs is very helpful. To remember our favorites I use these simple cards.  I am glad to share our collection of  30 colorful print out cards with you.

Download Materials Here