Mom Show Me More!

Once our children (5,7 yrs) mastered second language somehow curiosity drives them to learn third and more.  And the world suddenly seems to have more perspectives to observe. I did not expect that!


As our girls start to understand and speak English as a second language with ease they realise there are more languages to explore and they seem to be attracted to them too.

If you want to join us on this new adventure see for yourself this very nice melody and easy German song our girls love at the moment and sing over and over again. It is Grün grün sind alle meine Kleider and it is about colors. This is the second meeting with German. First was the rhyme Ein Zwei Polizei (that helps with numbers till 8). I help them understand and use German sometimes as a fun activity. So I wonder where it will take as. It already helps them recognise German speaking people on the news. As I know a bit of this language I would love to guide them too. I start to collect the videos in this Babylon like collection.


And in Russian girls love to watch  cartoon  Masha i Medved. Little bit of Spanish is in Dora the Explorer .

It would be wonderful to know from you more tips for easy songs in German, Russian or Spanish.  Let us know!

We will take a first tiny steps and see how it goes. I remember thinking the same about English and it developed way over our first expectations :-))

Is it too many languages? Will not they be confused? I do not know. But is it too much to show children how to ride a bike, swim or skate?

Seeing the world more complex can actually feel nice. I guess I can compare this shift in perspective to learning more about the history. Something similar happened to me when I new for example more of the history of some places in Prague. Then when having a walk there I saw the real world and the world there once was or the story that happened there and understood why is for example the street called that way.

Greetings from Prague to you all!